This Site will be Discontinued on 12/31/2014

The SAME data accessible on the Current Site,
is still available AT NO CHARGE on the New Site.
Any data that is not on the Property Record Card
can STILL be viewed on the Floyd County Tax Commissioner's website.
This site is linked "MOREINFO" within the Parcel data pop-up on the map.
The direct link to this site can be found below in section
"Important Information Concerning the Property Record Card"

Additional layers, data, functionality, etc...
may be added as requested, and ability permits.

The replacement for the current site can be reached by clicking the link below


Please change any desktop short cuts or bookmarks to this new web address (http://maps.romega.us)

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Important Information Concerning the Property Record Card

The information contained on the Property Record Card has unfortunately been decreased.
The SAME detailed Property Information (and even more), can be found by visiting the Tax Commissioner's website linked below.

Property Information

PLEASE NOTE: All searches by Parcel (PIN), from this point forward, should be entered as one phrase

This is to maintain consistency among all three online Property Information websites linked at http://maps.romega.us
(Examples: J13Y123, or J13123, or J13Y123A, or J13123A. No spaces or special characters)